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May 06

Now and Then in Tyler and Lindale: Where Thrift Meets Antiques

The 2005 World Almanac predicted that the United States was becoming a “thrift nation” and I believe they were right. There’s one store that is really capitalizing on the thrift trend by combing two stores in one. When you walk into a Now and Then store, either in Tyler or Lindale, you’ll see two stores …

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Dec 10

Antique Clocks on the Block at Saxon Auctions

Antique Clocks

Good working Antique clocks can be hard to find, but recently several American made, fine-quality working and chiming clocks have come up for bid at Saxon Auctions on Highway 80 two miles west of Hawkins. They fetched $35-$250 depending on maker, style, size and interest. Most have sold at half their value or better. If …

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Nov 13

The Spirit of Giving at The Auction House in Canton, Texas

Auctioneer Kevin Sherrard and wife Stacy Over the years, my husband and I have attended hundreds of auctions looking for rare and unique items. We’ve seen everything on the auction block from valuable artwork to vintage toys, and household junk. And each Friday at 5:30pm, The Auction House in Canton puts some thousands of these …

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