Estimates and Archiving

With some collections now reaching tens of thousands of dollars and more, it is important to understand the value of your collection and how best to preserve the assets. There are many factors that determine value including edition, condition and provenance. Valuing a collection requires extensive research of the pieces themselves as well as current market conditions.

We help our clients assess, preserve, catalog and leverage the value of their historic objects and special collections, including:

  • Assistance building upon the existing collection
  • Preservation of physical assets, using archival supplies to stabilize material
  • Proper storage of physical assets
  • Cataloging assets and creation of a virtual archive database
  • Recording the stories behind the collection to add to the provenance files
  • Determining the best audience, potential users or buyers including negotiations with museums, auction houses, libraries, and collectors regarding exhibitions, tours, auctions and sales.

Estimates are a fast, affordable option for those people who want to understand the value of their collection, but do not need a formal appraisal. If you are looking to understand the approximate value of your collection for possible retail sale or auction, we can assess your artifact or collection and provide details and a range of potential current market value. Experts will evaluate your collection and you will receive a detailed document with an evaluation of what we believe the piece could bring either at a dealer or at auction. Fees for this service depend on scope of work. Please contact us for more information, call 949-842-5709.