Jun 21

Antique, Primitive, Vintage, Retro & Collectible

Tip: What are the Differences Between: Antique, Primitive, Vintage, Retro & Collectible

An “Antique” is an item 100 years old or older that is of considerable value due to age, condition and historical value.

A “Primitive” is usually a hand-made piece made out of necessity by early settlers such as a churn, table or utility tool.

A “Vintage” piece is something about 50 to 75 years old that has become fashionable again. The term, taken from the year wine is aged, has become a marketing term for describing items that are old but not antique.

“Retro” is a term for items 20-50 years old.1960’s is “Vintage,” 1980’s is “Retro.”
A “Collectible” is any item that people collect. It can be anything from dishes to candy containers to tools to toys.

Collectibles come in and out of fashion as people long for items from their childhood.
Describing items accurately can help you determine value, but as with everything, the true value of any piece is in the eye of the beholder. Or it could be just as much as someone is willing to pay you for it.

Happy Collecting