May 15

The Art Behind Music Memorabilia: Collections of a Roadie

Backstage passes include great images and historical facts. Did you know Guns and Roses and The Rolling Stones played a tour together? Also check out ticket stubs, and posters that contain amazing photos taken of Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, early ZZ Top and more.

Records have always retained some sort of value, not just for the record itself but the amazing artwork. Look for artwork to become more and more recognized as Fine Art, since that’s what it is.

Recently passed Storm Thorgerson who, with his design team at Hipgnosis, graphically imposed Dark Side of the Moon, also did many other covers for Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and others. If you’re looking for some places around East Texas to find records, check out Rick’s Antiques in Pittsburgh, and Uniques and Antiques in Mineola.

This platinum album is a rare find, and with first pressings of this album listed online for $200-300, even re-issue pressings of albums like Dark Side are becoming more scarce and more valuable. Share photos of your music and other collections with us on Facebook!