May 13

Stonewall Jackson’s: Armory and World Coin Gallery Open for Business in Mineola – Free Offer!


The Grand Opening of Stonewall Jackson’s Armory and World Coin Gallery was held Saturday April 13 in Downtown Mineola featuring a live art performance by Jared Watson, “the silver man,” live interviews on KMOO and more than 1,000 Morgan silver dollars. Whether you are new to coin collecting or a seasoned veteran, this new coin shop is a must see.



Although the name may bring to mind General Stonewall Jackson, the shop is actually named after owner Michael Garrett’s grandfather Chief John Jackson, who earned the nickname “Stonewall” as a catcher for the Navy’s 1944 softball team.  It was Chief Jackson who gave Mike his first collectible coin when he was just 6 years old, which led to his love of coin collecting. Today, Mike’s collection consists of more than 10,000 coins and bills now available for purchase.




As one of the few shops in Texas that specializes in World coins and currency, the selection is vast and includes some very rare items. One such example is a selection of nine graded Roman Empire coins that date from 330 A.D. during the era of Constantine the Great.





If mint error coins are more of what you are after, Mike has quite a variety. One example is this 1983 D Roosevelt Dime with a very visible dimple. You don’t even need a magnifier to spot this one.






Looking for something totally unique? How about a 1925 token from a Magic Store that features a Latin inscription that translates, “Knowledge is the Reward of Practice.” These tokens were given to children who purchased magic kits to remind them to practice. This rare treasure is one of only 1500 ever produced.




If you are after Gold Bullion, Stonewall Jackson’s does not disappoint. Precious metals are available for sale here every day. From fine gold to wheat pennies, there is something for every collector at any price point. There are also gift items such as estate and custom jewelry, antiques and other collectibles.




The selection is incredible, but even if they don’t have what you want in stock, Mike will find it for you. Research and treasure hunting is one of Mike’s passions. One of the most interesting items he remembers hunting down for a client was a 1937 D 3-Legged Buffalo. One of the most interesting to research, an 1800’s Chinese Fat Man Silver Dollar.



Here, you can also sell items with confidence. If you’ve ever sold precious metals or collectible coins to other dealers, most will look at the items and then make an offer giving no additional information. Maybe it comes from being a fellow collector, but Mike consistently shows more respect and consideration for his customers and their collections, no matter how large or small. He shares his expertise freely and gives a full retail evaluation before making any offers. The family atmosphere and secure environment makes it a pleasure to deal with this shop.



Visit Stonewall Jackson’s Armory and World Coin Gallery
Monday – Saturday 10am to 5pm 114 South Johnson Street Mineola, TX Call 903-258-3242 for more information.  Like ’em on Facebook!





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