May 03

Care Tip: Antique Linens


These helpful hints are brought to you by our friends at Fancy’s Run Vintage and Gifts in Tyler. We hope these helpful hints keep your vintage and antique linens in better condition for generations to enjoy.


  • Hand wash when you can. If stained use a product like Restore and white vinegar to soak stains for hours in a clean tub before washing.
  • Put fringe in a pony tail using cloth-covered hair bands before washing to avoid tangles.
  • Air dry. Although sunlight can damage linens over time, it is much less damaging than your dryer. Dryers actually “set” wrinkles making them harder to iron out when dry.
  • Iron linens when they are completely dry. Use a clean iron. Don’t use starch, it attracts moths.
  • Don’t store your linens ironed. Wait and iron them when you use them. If you fold completely dry linens loosely in a spacious closet, you’ll find a quick iron is all you need when ready to use them.
  • Store textiles clean and loosely rolled in acid-free tissue or white cotton. Never touching wood directly and never in plastic.