Apr 10

Care Tip: Antique Glass

Do not store glass in direct sunlight, especially clear glass pieces that contain magnesia oxide, which will turn purple when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Handle glass with clean, bare hands, free of rings or other jewelry that can cause scratches.

Never apply any sort of tape to the glass. Tape can leave a film that may be difficult to remove.

Store glassware in moderate temperatures, free from extremes of hot or cold, especially dark pieces, that are more susceptible  to cracks or breaks caused by heat.

Store glass in areas not to exceed fifty-five percent humidity and avoid rapid changes.

Do not leave water in glass vases or drinking glasses for a period of time long or you’ll risk  a residue mark.

Always pick up glass objects by their base, not by the top or the rim. Avoid picking up glass at weak points or joints.

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