Apr 19

Authentic Native American Art becomes a part of The Rare Collections

Authentic Native American art including pottery, paintings, kachina dolls, baskets, rugs, sculpture and fetishes from Hopi, Zuni and Navajo artists join The Rare Collections. Many of the Native American art pieces are from a collector who owned a gallery in Dallas and traveled extensively to Native American communities of Lower Moenkopi near Tuba City.

There they met and befriended Hopi craftswoman Polly Jackson, mother of Ivan and Del Jackson. Polly invited the collector into her home to trade with her family of well-known artists. The collector’s reputation of appreciation, respect and paying fairly grew and lead to invitations from many Native American artists in the Hopi, Zuni and Navajo Nations for many years.
“This modern Native American art collection features hand-crafted items that were made using processes that have been passed down for generations,” said Andrew Kirby, Executive Producer of The Rare Collections. “My favorite piece is an authentic Zuni ground turquoise ceremonial pot with bone and antler fetishes that still has the ash and corn inside the pot, just like it was when the collector was honored with the pot after a day of good trading.”

The collection is available for viewing and purchase at Buchanan’s Market in Lewisville, Texas Saturday and Sunday April 21 and 22. It will also be available online on The Rare Collections website, www.therarecollections.com. Interested parties may also contact The Rare Collections to schedule a private viewing.

The Rare Collections is where top collectors turn to archive, preserve, appraise and disperse their most prized pieces of pop culture memorabilia. We help collectors tell the stories behind each treasure, understand its importance in history and decide how best to preserve its legacy or realize its value.

For more information, call 972-638-RARE (7273) or 903-345-IBUY (4289) or visit www.therarecollections.com