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Tips about collecting from archiving and cataloging to care and preservation.

Jun 21

Antique, Primitive, Vintage, Retro & Collectible

Tip: What are the Differences Between: Antique, Primitive, Vintage, Retro & Collectible An “Antique” is an item 100 years old or older that is of considerable value due to age, condition and historical value. A “Primitive” is usually a hand-made piece made out of necessity by early settlers such as a churn, table or utility …

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May 16

In search of Antiques, Art and Collectible Treasure In East Texas

This is likely more than a day’s drive around East Texas, but whether you start with one city or visit the Business Directory to plan your trip, when you visit the places on this map, you’ll be sure to find your next treasure. View East Texas Treasure Map in a larger map

May 03

Care Tip: Antique Linens

  These helpful hints are brought to you by our friends at Fancy’s Run Vintage and Gifts in Tyler. We hope these helpful hints keep your vintage and antique linens in better condition for generations to enjoy.   Hand wash when you can. If stained use a product like Restore and white vinegar to soak …

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Apr 13

East Texas Treasure Map: Where to Find the Good Stuff

There are so many places to find great antiques, art and collectibles in East Texas. This is just the tip of the ice burg, but we hope you have fun mapping out a route to find these and more treasures on a days drive around East Texas.   Oil Boom Artifacts at Gladewater Museum There …

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Apr 12

Have you checked out The Rare Collections Online Business Directory?

For the very best in Antiques, Art, Collectibles, Gifts & More visit the Online Business Directory. Are you an Antique or Collectibles dealer? List your business for free! Join Lee’s Good Stuff and Leland’s on The Rare Collections Business Directory!  

Apr 11

Care Tip: Antique Furniture

  Avoid placing in direct sunlight. Avoid placing your antique furniture in front of heating and air conditioning vents. Avoid too much change in the level of humidity as changes in relative humidity can cause wood to expand and contract. Avoid storing in hot, dry areas such as an attic. Dust with a soft, lint …

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Apr 10

Care Tip: Antique Glass

Do not store glass in direct sunlight, especially clear glass pieces that contain magnesia oxide, which will turn purple when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Handle glass with clean, bare hands, free of rings or other jewelry that can cause scratches. Never apply any sort of tape to the glass. Tape can leave a film that …

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Mar 08

Care Tip: Vintage Guitars

  Always store your guitars in their cases in climate controlled rooms to protect from air, moisture and the elements.

Mar 08

Care Tip: Antique Jewelry

Apply hairspray and perfume before putting on jewelry. These can stain gold or silver and damage pearls. Soap and water or a little dab of mild toothpaste and soft toothbrush can clean most antique jewelry. Avoid ammonia based cleaners. They will ruin your jewelry.

Apr 19

Authentic Native American Art becomes a part of The Rare Collections

Authentic Native American art including pottery, paintings, kachina dolls, baskets, rugs, sculpture and fetishes from Hopi, Zuni and Navajo artists join The Rare Collections. Many of the Native American art pieces are from a collector who owned a gallery in Dallas and traveled extensively to Native American communities of Lower Moenkopi near Tuba City. There …

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